Laundry Day, Legacies & Bougie Black Women

I decided that I am going to write every evening and call it Check Ins With Itunu as I navigate the second lockdown in the UK. Read on for today’s check in

Today I woke up late for my 11am Bible study (cue face-palm) but proceeded to have a semi-productive day. Saturdays are laundry days so I did some laundry, some cooking and unbraided my cornrows, just simple tasks that made the day feel meaningful. While going about these tasks I listened to a really profound podcast episode called ‘The Cope of Unimpressiveness’. In the podcast, host Joseph Solomon and his guest John Onwuchekwa explored the idea of wanting to be impressive and living your life with a legacy in mind. However, in an unconventional twist, they explored the flaws focusing on an impressive legacy can present. The episode was so thought provoking, adding some extra bullet points to my already growing list of ‘unlearnings’ when it comes to thinking about what makes a successful life. It’s pretty normalised to want to live a meaningful life and measure its level of meaning by how many people know you or what you do and how many honours and awards you achieve. On the surface, this doesn’t sound like a negative. However, at its core our plight to seem impressive and an obsessive desire to be remembered by all, can be rooted in an inauthentic and unhelpful place. This is something I want to explore more and plan to write a more detailed post about it soon.

I’m feeling a lot more motivated to restart my evening stretches and genuinely start my road to getting abs. After a few days of feeling really sore, I stopped my little exercise plan but I plan to restart it again. I’m quite the deep thinker but in recent times I find myself actually seeking human connection in a way that is lighthearted. That feels a bit impossible when indoors. On a normal day, you can bump into someone and have one of those small talk catch-ups or have an event, meal or catch up. I guess it makes you grateful for the little things. I marvel at how unbelievably dry my phone is at the moment and since I am on a 75% hiatus from social media, I haven’t had mindless scrolling to occupy my time and give me a false sense of connection.

I read a really cool article the other day about portrayals of Black, bougie women on TV and absolutely loved it. I am really intrigued by today’s obsession with ‘Black women in Luxury’ and question whether a desire to ooze wealth and a life of leisure comes from a very capitalistic society that overvalues frivolous indulgence. Then a bit of me thinks about the women I find appealing and aspirational on a very surface level and I wonder if I too overvalue frivolous indulgence.

I’m pretty bored. I don’t really like the mundane but again I’m grateful for life, love and a cosy bed. Going to go back to watching my favourite mood booster Terrell on YouTube.

Edit: Oh and how can I forget Joe Biden is the USA’s new President-elect. What a day. I’m interested to see how the next few months pan out. Check out the BBC’s live coverage.


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Itunu Speaks


Writer, Speaker and Podcast Host, Itunu is passionate about creating content that challenges thought and initiates change.